Buckingham Walking Frame Caddy

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Carry items without difficulty thanks to the Buckingham Walking Frame Caddy. Reducing the risk of accidents when you’re using a wheeled walking frame and carrying items, the caddy simply clips onto your frame so that you can concentrate on walking.

Providing a divided space that can separate your items, this plastic caddy also features a tray large enough to hold a standard sized dinner plate and a mug holder. The tray can be easily removed and used to support food on your lap. This caddy and its accessories are dishwasher safe.

  • (NB: This item is shown as EX VAT and may be purchased by eligible customers with a long term medical condition. Please contact the shop on 01768 867555 to complete a VAT Exemption form before purchase)

Detailed Specifications

Height 20cm (8")
Depth (front to back) 31cm (12")
Width with tray 45.7cm (18")
Width without tray 43.4cm (17")
Weight 1kg (35oz)
Weight Capacity 2kg (4.4lb)