Our Opera Bed arrives!

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Our Opera Bed arrives!

Our new Classic Profiling Opera Bed arrives! 

"Profiling care beds are used in care homes and private homes to help elderly and disabled users with mobility and support, whilst also assisting carers with nursing. Electric profiling beds get their name from their profiling mattress platform, which allows users to raise the backrest to sit up in bed and raise the footrest and knee-break to elevate their legs.

Profiling beds are also height adjustable which allows the whole bed to raise and lower, and some models have a lilting function called Trendelenburg. All functions are operated electrically through a wired handset which can be clipped onto the side of the bed. It should be noted here that the Trendelenburg feature should only be used under care supervision or by a healthcare professional.

Beds may also be chosen with side rails at either side of the mattress platform which can be raised and lowered to help prevent falls from the bed. We also have a range of separate bed rails for purchase in our accessories section" - Operabeds.com 

We at Cowper's Mobility Centre are also able to help you select the many options available on different models.  Visit us at Cowper's Mobility Centre

Classic Profiling Opera Bed