30x LARGE Active Normal Incontinence Pants

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Breathable disposable underwear Seni Active Normal is a perfect solution for people with light and moderate degrees of incontinence, leading an active life and for those who participate in physical rehabilitation.

Seni Active Normal disposable underwear, which may be put on and taken off just like usual underwear, is a reliable solution for active people, who value convenience and safety. Seni Active Normal ensure:

  • ideal adjustment to the body (they are fully elastic)
  • easy removal of the used product (they have side seams to tear) – comfort of using (they are soft and delicate)
  • reduction of unpleasant smell of urine
  • high absorbency and protection against side leakages
  • free skin breathability
  • minimised risk of allergic reactions

(Illustration shows pack of 10. THIS PRODUCT IS A PACK OF 30)

(This item is zero rated vat if bought for personal use)