Waterproof Towelling Pillowcases

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The waterproof pillowcase or pillow cover is designed to fit standard bed pillows and has a zip on one end for easy fitting and removal.

Designed to keep your head fresh, dry and comfortable, and to extend the life of your pillows, the cotton towelling pillow cover is machine washable at up to 60 degrees celcius for ease and convenience and can be line or tumble-dried.

Suitable for adults or children and perfect for use in guest rooms.

Supplied as a pair, ideal for use on single, double or king size beds. 

  • Ideal for use with standard-sized pillows on single or double beds
  • Extend the life of your pillows and save money on replacements
  • Perfect for adults or children and great for use on guest beds
  • Soft, towelling cotton outer with a waterproof inner layer
  • Zipped closure for easy fitting and removal and a secure fit